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Leglative-Christmas Leggings

Get ready for a festive workout

Spice up your Christmas workout with these high-quality squat proof holiday leggings! In Leglative you’ll find stretchy comfort, a light waistband, and a festive look to match your sweater!

You’ll feel light, comfy, and free to exercise, stretch, and squat in them while looking like a sexy Snow White. Pick from the many designs, detailed in Christmas ornaments.

When the holidays come be ready to greet them with a sexy Christmas look that will take all the attention! Leglative fits you like a second skin to give you the freedom to move as you please!

Why Leglative is for you

In Christmas’ spirit- Choose from a variety of colorful designs all in the festive spirit. With a sweater to match you are ready for the holidays.

The comfiest choice- Slip into its soft fabric and you’ll forget you are even wearing it. There is a better choice than sweatpants!

They move with you-  Leglative’s four-way stretch design makes them perfect for yoga, squats or just casual walks. You have maximum freedom to move as you please.

Leglative is the ultimate choice- Choose the best legwear for the winter holidays. Stretchy, sexy and decorated in the Christmas spirit, what’s more to wish for?