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PilateParty - Portable Pilates Bar

Your Secret Weapon Towards Perfection!

Its a month in, are you going to hold to your New Year's resolutions?!? Make sure they actually stick this year with PilateParty, our portable pilates bar that’ll transform your body AND your mind!

Regular exercise sessions that make you sweat have been scientifically proven to have a plethora of health benefits like better coordination, less stress, and a smokin’ bod.. now that’s value!

PilateParty is a pilates bar that is portable which means you can get your pump on anytime, anywhere, no questions asked.. all you need is this pilates bar then watch as your life improves

This life-changing exercise makes a perfect gift for that couch potato in your life that wants to change but doesn’t know how.. make it easier for them.. they’ll be so glad that you did & so will you!

So if you’re looking for a way to get the body you’ve always wanted, or you’re just looking for a perfect holiday gift idea, grab PilateParty and get started towards a happier and healthier life!

Some Exercises Using The PilateParty - Portable Pilates Bar:

Side leg

Place the Pilates stick on the vertical floor, cover the foot with the protective strap, and lift the foot to the side.


Let the protective belt cover your feet, keep standing and then move your hands forward, one foot to the back, relax your body and practice the vest line.

Leg lift

Lying flat on the ground, the protective belt covers the feet, grasping the foam handle with both hands, and lifting the legs while

Half twisted

Keep a half-turned state, front and rear feet, grab the foam handle, rotate the waist, and twist the body.

What will you benefit from this Portable Pilates Bar?

Get The Curves Of Your Dreams - Have you spent countless nights staring at the ceiling fantasizing about that dream bod? Grab PilateParty and make your dreams a reality!

Live a Healthier & Happier Life - exercise has amazing benefits for both your body and mind.. as you see your body transform, watch your daily life transform for the better as well. live well, friend!

Makes a Perfect Gift Idea - this portable pilates bar makes for an amazing gift for anyone looking to get into shape and stay that way! Give the gift of health and happiness this year!

PORTABLE PILATES STICK - The pilates bar is segmented and lightweight comes with a carry bag, easy to storage or travel. Where there is a pilates stick, there is a gym home.

MULTIFUNCTIONAL- Exercise your total body, pilates bar is the perfect substitute for heavy equipment.

  1. Replace the barbell - training the back and hips;
  2. Replace the pull rope - train the arms and legs;
  3. Replace the twisting machine - train the waist and abdomen

HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS - Polyester resistance bands are stronger and safer than standard rubber tubing and provide maximum resistance and durability; Thicker foam grip (50CM X 2) is more comfortable; Metal threaded locks are safer.

REMOVABLE & LENGTH-ADJUSTABLE - The lengeh of the rope is 2 X 110CM (43.3'') and adjustable in length, perfect for users of different heights.

SAFE FITNESS EQUIPMENT - Use it anytime, anywhere! low impact prevents injury. Great for yoga stretching exercises, resistance band workouts, stretching, hip lifting, waist, legs training, endurance training, slimming, bodybuilding, rehabilitation exercises, etc.

The PilateParty Guarantee - If for any reason you feel that this product isn't for you, feel free to send us an email at our store address and we'll promptly refund your money. No questions asked!