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ResiTone - Resistance Band Set

HULK UP! All From the Comfort Of Your Home!

Do you have a couple of minutes a day to change your life? If Donald Trump has time to Tweet you have time to get healthy. Introducing ResiTone our resistance band set that’s smashing New Year's resolutions to infinity and beyond!


ResiTone - Resistance Band Set is a simple yet effective way of getting the results you want as resistant training has been scientifically proven to achieve the same results as free weights.

This year is your year that you are FINALLY going to knock off the pounds, knock off the nonsense and get into shape.. we have the tool that can help, you just have to be open to change.. are you ready for a better life?!

ResiTone is a no-nonsense simple yet effective way to getting the results you want as resistant training has been scientifically proven to achieve the same results as free weights.. & all from the comfort of your home

This compact, lightweight, and the multifunctional tool make for an amazing gift for a person in your life that is tight on space, tight on budget but looking to change their life in a drastic way!

So if you’re looking for a compact & discreet way to get in shape, or your just looking for a great gift idea, grab ResiTone and see yourself transform from flabby to fabulous.. this year is your year!


Work at Home

Don’t worry about expensive gym costs, The design of our resistance bands allows you do exercise at home.Double latex tube design, Protect your safety and exercise effectiveness.


Work at Outside

Enjoy a morning workout in your hotel room or on your patio, Forget about long drives to the gym, You’ve got everything you need to work out by a convenient travel carry bag.


Combinable Intensity

According to your needs to choose the intensity, you can use a resistance band alone, or use multiple resistance bands in combination to meet the different requirements


What will you Benefit From ResiTone - Resistance Band Set?

FULL BODY WORKOUT FROM HOME - resistance training has been proven to achieve the same results as free weights without all the bulky expensive equipment.

COUNTLESS EXERCISES - specially designed and includes all the necessary accessories for more than 150 possible exercises for all muscle groups.

WORK ALL MUSCLES- whether you want a complete body workout or to work on just your glutes, biceps, abs or any other muscle group, ResiTone is your perfect solution.

SUITABLE FOR ANY FITNESS LEVEL- no matter if you are already muscular, ResiTone is suitable for any level.

SAFE AND EFFECTIVE - the smooth movement and consistent resistance give great results while minimizing chance for injury.

STRONG AND DURABLE - made of strong and durable TPE and made to withstand pressure over time.

No Membership, No Bulky Equipment - Toss away your gym membership and get rid of that bulky bench in the basement, because now you can get the same results from your home.. booyah!

Makes a Perfect Gift Idea - this resistance band set makes a perfect gift during the holiday season! Help someone get their New Year's resolutions started off the right way!

The ResiTone Guarantee - If for any reason you feel that this product isn't for you, feel free to send us an email at our store address and we'll promptly refund your money. No questions asked!