Thin Wrap Adjustable "I Am Enough" Sterling Silver Ring

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"I Am Enough" 

The purpose behind our ring is to spread awareness, "I Am Enough" to increase self-confidence and to be reassured on a regular basis that we, in this world full of chaos, are enough, needing only ourselves for true happiness.

Our thin wrap "I Am Enough" ring is an open banded ring meaning the size is adjustable on the ring to fit any finger! Making it a perfect gift for friends and loved ones if you don't know their ring size! 

We want people to remind themselves every single day that "I Am Enough!" That you're going to be alright with the people you love around you! We want you to make it a daily reminder... That's why we made the "I Am Enough" Ring.

Our ring is meant to be used as a little gesture for those that truly need it. With the "I Am Enough" Ring on our hand, it can be used as a daily reminder to keep striving for your own self-happiness! We truly believe that little reminders throughout your day are exactly what you might need!

Bring Change to Mind is a nonprofit organization dedicated to encouraging dialogue about mental health, and to raising awareness, understanding, and empathy.

"Every individual who speaks out inspires another. And another. That’s how we’ll end the stigma around mental illness. That’s how we’ll Bring Change to Mind"


  • #1 best selling mental health awareness ring
  • 100% premium quality guaranteed
  • Premium limited edition custom made rings
  • High grade certified sterling silver rings
  • Certified sterling silver factory production
  • Industrial machinery engraving process
  • Water resistant filling and coating
  • Allergy-friendly - no discoloring or fading
  • RING SIZE: Open Design - Adjustable One Size

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